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     One of the few remaining virgin tropical lowland rain forests in the world, Corcovado National Park stands as a testament to the Costa Rican Government's commitment to protecting its majestic environment. The tropical wet forests contained within its boundaries are widely considered to be the most species-rich in Central America.  More than 500 species of trees, 367 species of birds, 140 of mammals, 117 of reptiles/amphibians and 40 species of freshwater fish make Corcovado their home.  Because of such diversity, National Geographic Magazine has crowned Corcovado National Park as one of "the most biologically intense places on Earth".  Several hundred miles of foot trails criss-cross the park making even some of its most remote corners of the park accessible to the adventurous soul. Here you can wake up to the calls of the howler monkey and if you get lucky you might even get a glimpse of a Jaguar, American Crocodile, Caiman or a Baird's Tapir which are critically endangered or absent in the rest of the country.

     At the Jinetes de Osa we offer guided trips inside Corcovado National Park. Whether you want to visit for just the day or explore the whole week, you will be captivated by the beauty and infinite variety of life that you will encounter inside the park.





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