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     Our newest tour at Jinetes De Osa combines the excitement of snorkeling in the ocean with some of the most intelligent and playful of all marine mammals.  During this once-in-a-lifetime experience you will have the chance to observe huge pods of dolphins, whales and other sea life in their natural aquatic environment. You will often find ourselves surrounded by hundreds of dolphins, many times thousands of Pantropic Spotted Dolphins as they display amazing aerial behaviors such as jumping, spy-hopping and leaping. When it is safe and the dolphins are willing, we will get into the water with them. If the water is not right or the dolphins are not cooperating we can still enjoy watching them as they jump, glide and play as they feed. We cannot guarantee interactions at any time. These animals are all wild and free to come and go as they choose. However, due to the large amount of marine life in the area, odds of encountering dolphins and sometimes whales is very good. Lunch is served on the boat and all your snorkeling gear is provided.




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